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Air. The one thing he wasn't breathing right now.  Instead, he was breathing water.  One more way in which his world had been turned entirely upside down.

Air.  How long ago how it been since he'd actually had any to breathe?  It was almost impossible to tell time down here below the surface of the ocean.  Since he'd laid on the beach and let the air dry his skin, slowly raising goosebumps?  As deep down as they were, he should have been freezing, but he wasn't.  It was just like he was back up on the surface.

It all still seemed like a dream.  Those strange, horrible creatures swarming the beach, the arrival of the Atlanteans, and the sudden discovery that he possessed powers the likes of which he would never have dreamed of.  Strength.  Command over water.  And, most strange of all, the ability to leave the world of air behind for the world of water and understand the languages of the deep.  And it had just gotten stranger from there.

What did it all mean?  Was he like them?  A creature of the water and the air?  But that had to be impossible, didn't it?  There sure as hell didn't seem to be any other black Atlanteans.  There were some African-Americans in that other place, Sub-Diego, but they hadn't always been that way.  And he'd never been more than twenty miles outside his little seaside town. 

All of which made him very perplexing to the Atlanteans, especially Aquaman and Mera.  Especially especially with the way his powers were like hers.  And both of them thinking he reminded them of someone, of maybe multiple someones.  So people had been poking and prodding him.  Finally, he'd had way too much of sitting around and being treated like some curiosity or being interrogated like he'd had something to hide.  He'd pushed past them, saying he'd needed some air.


Needed some air.  Real smooth, Jackson.  Real smooth.

Did it count as deep breaths when you were sucking in water?  How did that even work?  What if it suddenly stopped working?  He wondered if he'd run out of air or be crushed by the pressure first.  Hopefully the second.  He'd always heard drowning was a terrible way to go.

Deep breaths.

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A) Player (nickname, handle): Dylan

B) Player's main LJ journal:

C) Email:

D) Character Name: Jackson Hyde/Aqualad

E) New character LJ journal (if already created): [ profile] aqua_dreads

F) Base of Operations: Mobile

G) Please explain further your reasons for applying for this character. What types of stories would you like to do with this character? What sorts of heroes/villains would you be interested in interacting with. Is there anything about the established comic-book canon of this character that you would like to see changed/different? Please be as detailed as you wish.:

Well, in a nutshell, I think there's a gem of a good idea in the new Aqualad (namely, being Black Manta's son), but setting that against the backdrop of Brightest Day, which, while it had its good points, also had its crap, caused a lot of it to get lost in the murk. While it might get better dealt with later on... well, I'm actually inclined to believe that. But I've never been one not to run with a good idea when I had one.

Along those same lines, I find the retcons to Mera's background to be tremendously stupid and will at least be excising the portions that affect Aqualad here from his continuity. If the rest of the Aqua-family wants to keep the rest, that's fine.

But my general idea is similar to the comics, save that Jackson, who is about eighteen is instead the son of Black Manta and one of his followers (who died giving birth to him), raised far away from knowing what his father was and did in order to protect him, having only met him perhaps once or twice in his life. With one of those times being when he was about to inject with DNA that had been taken from the late Aquababy. Manta would abandon interest in using the boy, however, when he sold his soul to Neron in exchange for greater power.

Following Manta's nationverse death, the chances of the boy ever becoming anything significant grew even slimer. Ironically, the boy had been placed with a family that lived on the seashore, not far from where Aquaman himself had been raised by his adoptive father.

Now, as he turns eighteen, the boy's powers are about to be made manifest and all hell is about to break loose.

H) Sample Post:


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